About Me and what I do.

I am one that writes on poetry, prose, and other serious topics that often appears in my consciousness.
I used to be a Xanga person for a long long time but now it seems to be the time to move onto something different.

Writing seems to be an outlet for me to get things that brew in my head out there in a breezy talk, jaunt, or what comes out when I let words just flow out without too much thought. I try to keep writing as my form of art, like using a brush on a canvas.

Things I may tend to do:

Paint with words.

Use words to be an artist of the written word, and keep a focus on letting this art stay as art.

The familiar remains as unfamiliar in writing.

Use poetry as something refreshing to the the reality I exist in.

Play in fantasy.

Wonder where this will take me but I am just too lethargic to question ‘why?’

Be happy.


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