After the warmth is gone.

Shiver shiver oh the coldness of the bamboo mat
isn’t doing its duty when the night air is cold, and I need some warmth to
lull me asleep. Where is that snuggling bird to regulate the heat?
Take away my excesses of energy, adjust my mood , and keep me sane.
Can it not be that I’m drinking too much. Coffee? Caffeinated drinks, to spike my consciousness into overdrive, limbs are trembling out of my control. I am sensitive. Too much. I cannot bear anymore. Sweetness begone! I cannot have you. I have other things to do and you are not among it in my to do list.


When I’d rather…

I’d rather write prose than write the essay.
I’d rather skip about and play than write the essay.

I’d rather read manga than write the essay on manga.
I’d rather play sleeping beauty than write that manga essay.
I’d rather stop writing other things to write that essay.

I wonder if it could write itself but alas. No.

Time is dark

It is dark outside

the indoors is illuminated with

manmade light fixtures

and plastic coated switches

controlling the supply

of fake light

fake light to defy the


         time that I would be 

                                                         asleep   Continue reading