Cup of colourful sweets

Tall transparent cup of sweet chocolate treats.
Written messages all over each and every one.
Happy Wishes for a new year from this day on.
A lover wishes to give love, cheer, and comfort.
A cat that accepts the suit, she is content to exchange
a bit of happiness in small nibbles over a long
time to come


After the warmth is gone.

Shiver shiver oh the coldness of the bamboo mat
isn’t doing its duty when the night air is cold, and I need some warmth to
lull me asleep. Where is that snuggling bird to regulate the heat?
Take away my excesses of energy, adjust my mood , and keep me sane.
Can it not be that I’m drinking too much. Coffee? Caffeinated drinks, to spike my consciousness into overdrive, limbs are trembling out of my control. I am sensitive. Too much. I cannot bear anymore. Sweetness begone! I cannot have you. I have other things to do and you are not among it in my to do list.

the day I burnt my nerves afire was the day…

That one day I wanted rest,

was the one day I couldn’t sleep much at all

nerves, and skin ablaze I lay 

attempting to rest, sleep, doze off

but it never really overtook me.

I found out that I had a desire long repressed.

Unexpressed like, simmered to the surface.

the desire I found to be nigh unbearable.

I felt as if I were sick, yet my affliction

needed no medicine for the cure was right beside me


Asleep like a beautiful penguin lay the one who could cure me.

Honestly I’d admit to my affliction

and ask for help.


But I am shy.
shy when I want to be the bold, ferocious feline that goes out and does things.

I only can admit to this post-hoc.
for my desires ravaging my system were contrary to my rational self.
After awhile, coming to terms with my amor

I said, “please.”


Daily prompt



Laughing at life and uncle cards.

I’ve really reached a boiling point.

double deadline and I would rather not write

what I am supposed to.

I don’t know why but words don’t want to become useful to me

when I need it for academics

reality excluded I could say I have academic writer’s block.

MLA isn’t my thing. but its the mode around so there isn’t much to do about it.

i should write write write like a busy bee but I am such a cat nibbling on catnip

I should work this out, but ain’t it a charm when I can write like this and

an argument of mine just doesn’t become concrete and solidify

take form on paper where I can see you.

Papers, essays, exams go write yourselves!

I’ve enough of you and I’d rather be elsewhere

you interfere with my snuggle time with my stuffed penguin and telly time.