Cup of colourful sweets

Tall transparent cup of sweet chocolate treats.
Written messages all over each and every one.
Happy Wishes for a new year from this day on.
A lover wishes to give love, cheer, and comfort.
A cat that accepts the suit, she is content to exchange
a bit of happiness in small nibbles over a long
time to come


A Cat’s wishes…

A cat, round furry cat, sits in a cafe sipping green tea.

She writes a wish on to a page with round misshapen paw prints.

Meow, for a cat friend.

Meow, for the cat’s favorite cat nip presents.

Meow, for some time to snooze and snuggle in peace.

Meow, please can I have these simple wishes?

The cat would purr… contentedly if she could have these simple pleasures.






He’s gone far away

Far away from my hand
my arm, me
He is not by my side
in physical presence
I am now aware that I am
ill with a desire to
be back together again
where two halves
make the chubby round whole
egg again
like yolk to white
cat to its nip
chocolate to the lady
and everything nice
For awhile and some time more
the world will be a bit
off kilter where two beings embrace the
earth in hope that the distance
dissipates and no amount of air is too far
in this day, this moment where there is an
electric connection
between that egg and that white
to make something fascinating
so fantastic that the girl would
cry happily with joy
that she could have that chocolate
as if he stepped through a window
in a frame in an instant
that need that want could be
calmed for just awhile
a little while
where the chocolate melts pleasantly
and mixes into her.

Vinegar and water

My furry neighbor beast cat

has taken to my tulips

like chocolate to the woman

with a sweet tooth.

I for one don’t like this relationship

for the tulips are mine!

My remedy to this is to spray about

a mix of vinegar and water about

my pretty flowers,

in hope that they will see

the rising sun

of Dawn.

The White Furry beast next door

The large white beast next door

I found last morning swiping at

my dearest children.

One child was lost

the others thankfully are

safe from that cat.

I didn’t know that the tulip

children are poisonous

to that cat.

But why does she have to

behead my children.

When their life is already so short

in growth, the blooming petals

reach skyward

and give some colour into this world of mine.

Cut short by sharp claws

cut short by beheading.

Cat Manga essay project, inspired by 4-koma…

Cat returns to retch3

The cat returns gags

Cat returns to retch2

Cat returns to retch5

Cat returns to retch6

I was doodling this past semester cat manga for a class at university, and I can assure that this is serious work. Serious work to laugh, which is a laughing matter indeed.
let me know if you like this or need some explanation to what I’ve drawn 🙂 thanks!

Laughing at life and uncle cards.

I’ve really reached a boiling point.

double deadline and I would rather not write

what I am supposed to.

I don’t know why but words don’t want to become useful to me

when I need it for academics

reality excluded I could say I have academic writer’s block.

MLA isn’t my thing. but its the mode around so there isn’t much to do about it.

i should write write write like a busy bee but I am such a cat nibbling on catnip

I should work this out, but ain’t it a charm when I can write like this and

an argument of mine just doesn’t become concrete and solidify

take form on paper where I can see you.

Papers, essays, exams go write yourselves!

I’ve enough of you and I’d rather be elsewhere

you interfere with my snuggle time with my stuffed penguin and telly time.

On Cats, Kittens and fur…

I once felt that I became a feline after an unfortunate turn with a box of mint chocolate girl guide cookies. These cookies turned me from human to cat, and what a peculiar experience indeed it is.
Fur, marvelous fur covers the skin everywhere and how divine and pleasurable it is to feel a hand stroke it. Continue reading