A Cat’s wishes…

A cat, round furry cat, sits in a cafe sipping green tea.

She writes a wish on to a page with round misshapen paw prints.

Meow, for a cat friend.

Meow, for the cat’s favorite cat nip presents.

Meow, for some time to snooze and snuggle in peace.

Meow, please can I have these simple wishes?

The cat would purr… contentedly if she could have these simple pleasures.







2 thoughts on “A Cat’s wishes…

  1. The penguin just finished
    a series about hope, humility, and humor,
    the three ingredients to humanity.
    Gwa and we can live through turmoils;
    Gwa and we can sacrifice for each other;
    and Gwa, we can see the future,
    treading along happily,
    moving forward relentlessly–
    another sip of green tea.

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