the day I burnt my nerves afire was the day…

That one day I wanted rest,

was the one day I couldn’t sleep much at all

nerves, and skin ablaze I lay 

attempting to rest, sleep, doze off

but it never really overtook me.

I found out that I had a desire long repressed.

Unexpressed like, simmered to the surface.

the desire I found to be nigh unbearable.

I felt as if I were sick, yet my affliction

needed no medicine for the cure was right beside me


Asleep like a beautiful penguin lay the one who could cure me.

Honestly I’d admit to my affliction

and ask for help.


But I am shy.
shy when I want to be the bold, ferocious feline that goes out and does things.

I only can admit to this post-hoc.
for my desires ravaging my system were contrary to my rational self.
After awhile, coming to terms with my amor

I said, “please.”


Daily prompt




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