on curry bean soup.


large bowl.

Filled half-way

the green murky water is

brimming with spices, that

set afire a tongue in an Oriental

Dance of spice, and fire. There is substance

too that fills the stomach with beans, lentils and other

unidentifiable beans of various size and color. They all taste

Quite pleasant, and they satisfy my pangs and cravings for hunger.


2 thoughts on “on curry bean soup.

  1. Hunger no more, for the beans I have all inhaled, which ones don’t care.
    And even though they are of various size and color, they all taste
    the same, quite pleasant, too pleasant, a tongue of Oriental
    dance of spice that I had no tool to quench, water
    only helped the flow, the large bowl in my
    mouth brimming with green murky
    water, the substance no longer
    recognizable, delectable,
    let’s be facetious:
    I was hungry.

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