cool tea.

What has it done to me?


                                    Oh that uncomfortable, that pleasant feeling 

 can I may I 

                          I have some more? More of that exotic memory of taste of feeling of sensation

 again? my hopes are high              low               high                  like a yo-yo-ing toy attached to a sin wave

 pleasure and discomfort blended into a unitary experience on the body

 heat countered by the coolness of you             the very you who I have avowed to consume and make apart of me

 I wonder if you the cool cubes of you would bother to melt from my heat 

                                                                                    Oh that heat of mine is mine alone and the sun’s heat is influencing me too

          Oh heat have you gotten a mind of your own you toasty thing 

          Oh shall you take away this heat?  Cool Cool you I wish for some divine refreshment 

 Only for a little while, for I have some tendency to over-bake in the sun, the season has changed and my relationship to you dear cool one is one of growing and burgeoning ardour.

Come come you and I shall unite in this heated day to make it a cool and pleasant.


I would like to have you double matcha and half-sweet.

Full sweetness would make me swoon in shock for I am sensitive.

Can you forgive me for taking you?



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