Frizzled Mangled Mind.

I reached the point where I have detached myself from feeling for others.

It has been a long, long time since I have been sympathetic

oh I am

          am I what?        Apathetic.

          I could be. Or I could not.    

          It does hurt to sit here indoors where I could be on a gorgeous flight of a flanneur.

 to walk is a nice distraction indeed.

 can I not disregard my belly that likes to grumble at the most inconvenient of times? Can I? Can I?

 Twas a tough and annoying person to deal with, but will they be appeased? I hope. I hope so.

 Twinkle Twinkle glassy lamps you keep me content, here. Yes, here. Indoors I say.

 Twist and around I turn on my wheeled chair, now my chairs have wheels. Now why should I walk when I can sit?

 Time to tell if it is time to sit, time to stand, time to talk of times to tell if it is the time to walk gently away from this spot.

  Oh damned spot, I do not like you so. My seat is warm, I have been here too long. 


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