Time is dark

It is dark outside

the indoors is illuminated with

manmade light fixtures

and plastic coated switches

controlling the supply

of fake light

fake light to defy the


         time that I would be 


        and holed up

        under my soft cottony blankets

        but I do not


time and time does not obey


who is time to tell one to do what

time is the one who lets me know

                       how beautifully

                       how beautifully the night is frigid




 un me

               tomorrow or my today

is split in two halves

that I cannot tell 

which is which


what is what

 oh time do tell me

                 tell me what time should I be with       today

                 it is time to tell dear time

the day is dark

the day is always dark

the day is dark when I rise in what is called an evening

                                                               or night

time do tell

time is it dark outside

time why is the light out when I sleep

when I slumber peacefully the light is dazzling



why cant I sleep in pleasant peace tell me time

my timely friend time


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