The Diminishing Wiles of the Intellectual

There is a necessary need for change, radical change; to bring a turnabout of value for intellectualism. The age of the knowledge is upon us but the knowledge hungry student is waning to the point of classification as an endangered species. There is nevermore the love for literature, life and learning; whereas, the masses of students now give preference to the instant gratification of pop culture. Where the senses are fast dulled and laid to misuse and plunder. Throughout the known world, there is the absolute need for a rebirth of the love to learn. The student of the information age is lax with the tools bestowed upon them. The cunning and wittiness gone dry for what furtive power is there, none at all for the dependence on asking a boxed gadget for answers.

The tools to make the change is inherently available to the mass majority of educators and authoritative figures to inflict the necessary modicum of fear onto the student populations from the inauguration to their scholarly lives to their imminent release into the unforgiving world. Harsh and yet seemingly severe punishment is the best of deterrents for would be dissidents. Without the vice-like control over students rebelliousness and brazen attitudes of indifference is thrust upon the masses. For without control rebellion onto a polite utopian society is inevitable.

Our tools for mental reform is the clever and subtle use of psychology to endow the special drive one will need necessary to become the utopian student. The Pygmalion effect is a most useful tool to bend others with weighted expectation placed upon them. This added pressure is most useful to obtain more outstanding results from an individual. The use of expectation is necessary to make people rise in challenge to exceed our demands to please not only society but their inner ego. This use of psychological influencing is completely necessary to be implemented upon the young from birth to age twenty and five to instill the need to compete as intellectual athletes.

Utopian society of the morrow is bearing down and will soon become a tell-tale reality with the human’s ever unrelenting thirst for knowledge and expansion to grip the entirety of human culture. Myself I am intolerant of those who have yet awakened to intellectual hunger but scorn those who are inane in their conduct and misuse of bestowed privileges to their very person. Without knowledge or the love to make it thrive the core of all values will fall inevitably into oblivion.



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