Arrogance it covers.

The fears and the insecurites that are held within, the things that you do not want the rest of the known populace to know and abuse.  After that a coating of ice envelops over all of these flaws effectively shutting down the functioning human. In actuality it is a cave that they shut out the world becoming a recluse.  Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol just because, “[he had too much control over her life.]”  In a way she radically destroyed the oppressor whom she believed abusive.  I can relate to her unwillingness to be weak, to identify as a useless sop bucket, a sandwichmaker.  Dependance makes Valerie and I cringe for we believe in going out and grabbing a piece of that fighting living.  After reading through a backlog of escapist literature not often is a heroine non-conformist to the preset ideals.  Too long has the female resided as an object to be won over.  Thinking that I spew and will do so again.  Rarely woman is presented as tough, free from male control, and commander of their own harem.  Too often I encounter pre-historic humans with farfetched notions of place and codes. 

Fine, shut down the system, shut off the emotional responses, kill the laughter, kill it all will you.

I’m doing just smarmy with my ice caverns, you can tell that purple patch flowery descriptors die hard.


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