My unfurtive argument to sway

To a teacher whose Opinion I intend to sway,

I am a narcissist. Hence I would like at least a score of 90/100 participation mark wise. I am able to articulate my questions and prod at the little interesting facets of evil. Besides my odd incurable habit of copying my fellow classmates at staring at the teacher blankly every so often, I engage my mind in a silent mental battle pondering course content and mental insanity.  On good days that I feel up to questioning I would pose a question or two to see what kind of response I might illicit. For work within the class room environment I poke at the topic until it humors me to the point of laughter the thin line to absurdity and reason. Sometimes I find it annoying to ask questions around other people, so I would ask out of class time. Normally I am somewhat shy, but for education’s sake and a mind that “needs to know what the answer is,” I will leave the shyness behind and dig for the gold nuggets. The gold nugget is the good bits of information that is genuinely useful that has been sifted from the rubble and elevated and stored indefinitely in the far recesses of the squiggly lump of matter classified as “the brain.” At times I may be overly flowery with my language but that is only a hint at either my enjoyment or anger at a topic presented to digest. After all I participate according to the level of comfort in my environment, unless the fire within to be revolutionary takes over my unwritten dogma.

Cheers and Have a pleasant summer,



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