Incomprehensible mind,

Un comprehendible thoughts,

Flittering ideas.

I am so flabbergasted.

Everything is different,

Everyday is a changing.

Things are popping up and wilting out

Stupidity and of the like.

I don’t have a worry towards that.

I don’t have an expectation to be understood.

But I’ll go about my dilly-dallying

Up and down those trees.

Singing tunes to robins.

Little petite furry things

Watching my every motion.

I am so annoyed.

Everyone is selfish.

All encased into their joys

From crummy instant gratification.

And all the while I sit and watch.

Everything is a changing.

I don’t understand,

This world and its stupidities.

It so frightens me.

For how am I going to survive.

Absolute piles of merde.

Piled on their thrones ,

Sky high and steaming.

A smorgasbord of turd.

You can have all you like.

I never expected to find.

Any understanding.

I still remain lost.

Among the multitude

Of stupidity.

Stuttering falsities.

Running minds up a wall.

End of my fragile patience.

I wont be helpful

Only derailing others.

For sadistic delight.

My penitence is naught.

Hopping about like my robin.

Being absolutely stupid.

Wondering what to eat next..

So engrossed in my boredom.

Not missing the sunrise

Letting my eyes soak in the changes.

Everything is a changing.

Nothing resembles yesterday.

Besides the telltale surreal glimpses of yesterday.

Everything is driving me nutters.

All are engrossed in merde.

I don’t expect a drop of sympathy.

For they are city suckers.

Enamored with their materialistic living.

I am so annoyed..

All is becoming mundane.

It will make my anger rise.

And the robin wont stop me now.

You can not stop me.

For I am already gone.

For you are in the yesterday.

And I am almost in tomorrow.

You can drive me up walls.

But I am still in first place.

For I win.

All is a driving me nutters.

And there is nothing you can do.

For all you can be is nothing.

Death is a claming more today..

And you cant evade it.

So I have passed by.

And seen you stupidity.

Full of solipsistic desires.

And fluttery dreams.

Of nothingness.

The nihilist is happy.

Within me is contented,

Be enamored with nothing.

All is a driving me crazy.

All the nihilists are pretty.

And I find it amusing.

To point and laugh.

All the time I play,

With plastic,

And tin foil.

It drives me crazy.

How everything can push me up a wall.

I don’t know why,

And don’t reason with it.

All is annoying to be as it is.

And I don’t like it much.

For all I see is air.

And little frying photons.

Whizzing by and past.

I don’t want to understand.

What drives me nutters.

For any understanding

Will make me a stoic.

Anything understood is mundane.

And all that you receive is monotony.

What is next

To comprehend.

All is known.

I strive to fine excitement.

But fine heaps of monotony.

Driving me monkey.

I feel triumphant,

When I stand that the knoll.

Looking down on all the little ants.

Skittering about.

Their methodic dull livelihoods.


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