Tumble down revisited..

I had the sensation of falling,

Skirts flaring upwards,

The cold sky running away from sight.


A tunnel of darkness. 

All light gone save the spot of light from where I fell.

Through the trapdoor.

That opened with a bang.

Screams emanated from my throat.

Purely afraid,

For how will I stop this,

Tumbling downwards,

The air becoming colder.

I ball up,

For I wish to be warm.

And under my cherry tree,

With my innocent books,

And classes of etiquette .

Mama was vying to get me wed.

But I dissented.

Ran away to papa’s garden.

But I tripped and fell,

Stumbling down, down,

Into darkness.

I know not of the bottom of this fall.

For the airs still caress my skin,

Chilling me coldly by the passing second.

I most likely passed out,

For I am no longer falling,

But underneath is something smooth,

Like the silkiness from brushed hair.

Oh it’s a bed of sorts,

Dim torches cast ominous shadows,

Where is this place?

I am in a room,

Decorated sparsely save the imposing four poster,

And an occupied chair across the room.

What! Occupied!!

Eyes widening in recognition,

I move farther away,

To the edge of the four poster…



to be continued…


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