The Squirrel In Central

la la la… I am bubbly again..

Spending a modicum of time staring at the innaminate objects in the supermarket.

Cooing sweet nothings to chubby squirrels,

that have nothing but the fat on their backs.

and adorable scare techniques.


If I were a squirrel I’d be a chubby grey living in Central park,

stealing chestnuts from the unwary tourists.

Holing up in public monuments.


When the balloon parade passes by

I’ll hitch a ride to the nearest mushroom patch.

to nibble some of those delicacies,

and get that oh so dreamy psychedelic high

I yearn for.


I want some of those now.

But the parade is not for another week.

So, I’ll make do with those chestnuts.

They’ll be my haughty cuisine before my train leaves to Squirrel land.


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