Drivel that consumes the mind

To My Dear Holder of my Affections,

There is no hope for myself but to be melted as goo at your hand, for I am sick with the thought we may ne’er be united again save this bond we share. I remember that I was hopeless, utterly hopeless and emitting this drivel was only possible because you inspired me to send my sentiments of like onto you.

Even though my father exiled me afar, Each time I hear the shrew screech it’s painful melody I vividly remember your dripping honey baritone voice. That caused me to shiver with the need to hear you sing to me just one more time. For I am quite unable to see the beauty that is here with me if I cannot irrevocably let you dally off from my ponderings. It wounds me so that I am ne’ermore near and I will perish inevitably by my own doings. I break a modicum of my heart with the passing day with sorrow. Ne’er have I regretted our discovery in our in flagrante delicto those years ago, for we connected our souls to be together again at the veil. For we can be blissful once more in the Elysian fields.

On the morrow I am bound for the next voyage to where I am never informed of, but as long as my maudlin sensibilities reach you, my strife is ne’er in vain. Sometimes my tears don’t stop for my love rests unfulfilled and denied. Because of my duress, I will be confined to the Isle of Estelle to await the champion from the contest my dear father is hosting. I pray thee quickly and hastily win my father’s favor. For I will die with misery if I were to wed any other than you.

Your Damsel waiting for you under the Veil.



Wild Cinderella’s Note: this is a hypothetical letter from me to someone but whom?  Guess who it’s for.. if you dare.


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