weather to be using love or fear to rule others

Another blurb. a response to the portion in Machiavelli’s the prince in XVII Weather it is better to be loved than feared.



Dear Monsieur. Machiavelli,

It has fascinated me to my own wits end that your recent work, “The Prince,” intrigue my senses and shake me by comparing one’s ways for how I hath treated my own kinsmen so. I do see the good in my favor to have my servants do my bidding in fear of my displeasure if I not be angered. For mine own wrath is more villainous than the kindness of hot coals beneath the soles of a man’s bare feet It not crossed me that should bestow some tokens of gratitude to my subordinates for I am their lord and master that I believe inferior to thyself. However I now do have good reason to keep my subjects appeased for one ant is easily crushed but an entire mutiny of them? Surely it is a quick and surefire way to leave the plains of the earth with posthaste.

On the other hand I do agree that as a lord and master of my humble town I do not have any wish to inspire hatred onto my kinsmen or my person with excessive fear. But wish to instill a love of community with celebration to commemorate the good blessings our town has received to date. For what love is there if you do not know or see your neighbors. It would be to my best advantage that the people around myself be merry and make merry in a way that is loving towards myself and onto the community I do hold dear. Without the bonding the evils of hatred can consume and tear to shreds the liveliness of any community and the fragile hearts of men. Say if a ruler and his subjects have common things to appreciate like annual jousting tournaments, then love can be mutually fostered between them like a bee to honeyed water.

Warm regards

From a ruler in training


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