Weather man has free choice

Whether man has free choice

The choices a man can possibly take is a fork in his life’s journey that may deter or aide him to unknown ends. But firstly one must be presented with a choice, weather a trifle or life shaker decision, a result will come from it. I see choice as a freedom as long as I am able to bear the consequential fruits of the actions taken. But choice is only the crossroads of different venues of action and only one is picked from it, the pick is up to the chooser.

The decision is up to the man to choose freely any of the ways to travel. It is only the consequential fruits he will have to bear with. Only the man is able to make the decision unless he is being controlled like a puppet. His choice can be selfish or selfless, for either is a benefit to the inner workings of the mind to consciously pick a desired routing of action. Next is the absence of pressure to select an action that is projected on man by others, like parents who project their beliefs onto their offspring.

Man’s choice is always limited to the options present. In that hypothetically if a man is presented with a choice and is given very few options to act on. His choice would then be limited to the options presented to him; that in fact, hinders the actual freedom of his choice. Following that man has to live in a cultural environment that is influential to his choices. Therefore, his culture’s dogma is pressed onto the man’s conscience to sway him to a way of mob mentality. One can also see that the nation you reside in sets forth certain laws for any man to abide by. Despite the good intents of the governing body this is a hindrance to free choice, for if a man chose to act a certain way and his culture frowns upon that, that man would feel pressured to obey the mob mentality.

Ultimately the choices presented to man is always limited in ways to react and respond to, but there is the freedom to choose what feels best for the individual. Furthermore there is still prevailing influences on man’s choice, still he has to decide for himself what is the best path to take.


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