I had a dialogue with Jesus.

Kingdom of heaven Dialogue with Jesus.

In an undisclosed location, somewhere, when who knows.

Dawn: “Hi Jesus.”

Jesus: “Greetings and good wishes from above.”

Dawn: “I was wondering what is the kingdom of heaven?”  

Jesus: “It is a place where your life is eternal and you live amongst the kingdom where my father reigns. There you need not worry about the mortal perils of the earth, for the merciful father will protect us. As well you are free of obligation but the faithfulness to my father.

Dawn: “What must I prove to you to be permitted entrance there?”

Jesus: “Many things, like you need the faith in my father in heaven. Also you have to proclaim me as the King of Kings. The heart must be free of the wickedness of the heart, for the sins that you commit can possibly drag you to Satan. Therefore good moral standings within your heart. Another requirement is to do my father’s will and obey him from the depths of your heart. For if you have faith but you do not obey you shall not be granted entrance. The riches you gather is not useful in the Kingdom of heaven so, it is not necessary to be materialistic in the mortal realm. As long as you are righteous and compassionate for others around yourself you may be permitted entrance to the kingdom. If by any chance any of the deadly sins are committed before your death you will be denied the privilege to reside in the kingdom of heaven.

Dawn: “How long is my stay in this kingdom going to last?”

Jesus: “Quite indefinite, for the stay is for eternity. And that is a really long time to live. Although you can stay as long as you would like, and you never have to leave.

Dawn: “I suppose that works for me, I will be booking an appointment with you in some time.”

Jesus: “Till when you pass I will have another chit-chat with you,” Jesus waves in parting, he fades in the distance.


Working Note:  this assignment did drive me bonkers and I lost a considerable modicum of time.  And I am now in a College in Montreal somewhere in a commumications program.  There I dont have to pay tuition fees and living expenses is quite inexpensive in comparason to the Vancouver metro area.


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