Copious gibberish

I this, that . and what else. i’d still prefer the tomato juice to the pop. I dont feel so well today. and i’ve lost another bargaining power. the new date line for acceptable entry into post-secondary is one year from now. how ubigitouly melancholy i will be still because this family’s values and expectations are. and if they arent followed. well that = immediate severance from the family ties. no post-secondary edu= no interaction w/ family. joy how happy can i be now. the approxamite time frame when i will be leaving for HK is Late August… Early september. and i dunno how i’m going to do this. and stay up till december. come 2008 and I am required by family/parent to attend some school.

I am told by my mom that 21 is too late to go to university. and i am deemed and branded a failure by my immediate fam.. so my own choices. (arent allowed to be respected.) which in turn frustrates me greatly and to the verge of tears.
I believe that i will have to go into some sort of vertigo. or state that i’m unable to be found. so I will be bidding my fair adeu to you all soon.


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