Zipper Earing.

 the pink zipper pull is an interesting little  I believe that some Idiots are vying to get me off this computer. and maybe just hopefully I’ll stay. but fat chances this day. oh. there isnt a wonderful tree and bushes view. so i have my ipod that my little sis mostly and usually skillfully aquires. how dummyish. I wondered that if* that if i was a con artist what would i be doing. and what to con. and duplicate without permission. .. i feel like chomping on something. but a some thing is something right.. .ha me. so this morning i had a random nosebleed. really out of nowhere. it was gross. didnt like it as due to the fact that i was typing out some work at the time. so oh .well. blubber  its that sneak away. far far away on another planet that i still have the unlimited space fare.


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