… boo nice pretty orange.
i speak from the seventh level of hell. wherever that is.  so where is here? here here.. that kind of here that i cannot figure out why. why is the why starting with a double v. like its odd. can i have my fun and change it to some gibberish language. I am bored to-day so I’m showing some pics that i took.145_4591

current background ..


nighttime pic. the paris paris themed resort.


cute baby polar bear constructed with white carnations.


an erupting volcano at the Mirage. it explodes hourly. i think.

143_4326 An intersting lightfixture in the lobby of The Hotel its acote Mandlay bay.

144_4443 the front display of the latest Victoria’s Secret runway show.

143_4388 My lunch… it was a pizza box. the underbelly of it.


143_4371 me a the everything Coca-cola world.


Billboard signage of my hotel’s fancy ludacrive “shows”.. fantasy is a topless show. but sorry you have to be twenty-one years of age and plus… haha..

carrot top is some red-head’s comedy show.  meh. 

i fill some space. or white space….


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