oww. the ice does hurt.

   dum. de poultry… not in a happy mood towards public transit today. the 8:43am bus never came by. so i waited till the next one. a sad and boring wait because there was some middle school kid next to me listening to revolting music that plastic people will listen to. and she wore the scent of men’s cologne. how the …. what stupidity.

Btw. the tree that I have for a view is sans neige. I’d like to take a blowtorch to the icy snow that made me have a sore bottom. so lets grow an extra head today and do the alligator chomp fest.
Lemmie stay in the nice abyss of the library. still i have the robbie williams music.   hands feel like ice. cold, cold, cold world. nothing warm to work as my heater. not the electrical one. try wood, gas… or other burnable stuff. its too white here i’m going to start feeling sick whenever i see snow.


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