I live at the bottom of a small hill

yes I am in a isolated little cul-de-sac. besides this street never gets plowed.. ever. so i end up shoveling the road. which i did. no salt was laid on the little ramp going up-hill. so during the evening its a funny comedy show to look out the windows and laugh at the failing attempts to get up that stupid hill. some get up, some burn all the grip from their tires, some give up and go home, some abandon their cars, some call Mister tow for a good $100 out of their pocket, some make several attempts and fail miserably. and all throughout this i’m snickering away at their misfortune. lalala i’m so evil… i still remain horribly self-centred.

so i stay at home with my food. and shovel snow. I guess shovelling will make me stronger so yay.  In stupidity’s sake i take a small straight twig and poke the dead fish’s eyes.


Facing me are some windows and snow is falling, not from the sky, but from the roof.. somebody is shovelling it off. and its funny. I guess the school doesnt want the roof to cave in. if it did it be a inconvenience to me.  then i’d lament on the loss of the happy sanctuary with few to none interuptions. but its only time lost and thats all. nothing of material value. time lost cant be refunded so its wise to be careful.


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