the white stuff is back and the tires are burning

oh thats my breakfast this morning. and  it was delicious… yumm pineapple bun.


 the morning ride to school is scary my mom’s car isn’t built for snow travel.  few to none people were in A-blk.  had to leave before eight with my sis to get here.Marmont is one scary road. tough to get up that hill. btw salt trucks salted yesterday but the rain before the snow washed it all away. so boo hoo. no clear roads. rant rant…. have some more pretty brusies to show. they come in all the nice colors of the rain bow.. purple, green.. reds and pink. O.o i want another big sleep. it would be quite nice. ate some banana cake with plenty of sugar.  ugggh…boo i don’t really ever keep track ofthe fifteen mins. that i’m supposed to bable


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