THe Trouble with me.

So I say I fly to Las Vegas. this Saturday afternoon.  what am I going to do about it. nothing . absolutly nil.


la la la .  procrastinating. joy the bricks are tumbling down. they hit my head one by one. then boom the rest flatten my poor head, thats the normal result of this stuff. sadly. pitifully. all on my fault list. i Have tough times getting out of bed this week. if you can say yay to having napped into 8:30am past… nice that i woke early enough for the bus the past two days. but the monday and tues.  uuug napping got dropped off. so tomm. is a shortened day. so i can go home and pack for my flight as i always do last minute. goody, and someone stepped on dog poo. and that  may be you. just your  lucky day. ha the misfourtune……..







The trouble with me – Robbie Williams (good song)

You see the trouble with me
I’ve got a head full of fuck
I’m a basket case
I dont think I can love, love, love

You see the trouble with you
Is you’re in love with me
What a strange thing to do
What a brave place to be

So we dine
On sunset strips
Our hearts so deep
I drown in it
And as it breaks
I swim through cracks
And leave with words
I can’t take back

You see the trouble with me
Monkey see monkey do
There’s no you in tomorrow
A better offer came through
You see the trouble with you
There’s no trouble with you
So when you say that you love me
That stops me loving you

So she stays
On sunset strip
Our hearts so full
I drown in it
She’s waiting for
My words to break
The one true love
I couldn’t make

So she walks
That golden mile
Men will try
And catch her eye
We both know
What could have been
On sunset strip
Our broken dream


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