A medal winning Sore throat. and I dont want to speak.

the angsty woes of a sand rodden throat.  Truly it pains me. so i shoot the birds off the wall.  today someone told a story of a bald eagle. quite interesting too.  At some golf course. students were playing the last hole. and they spotted an eagle diving into the water pond ubigutously around the last green. this bird has claws. and those claws dug into a fish thats the length of one arm. the bird tries to fly off with its big fish. but it cant get airbourne. pity. so the bird drags the fish onto the green. and starts to rub its head along the fish’s body. i thought it was to slice open the fish. but the eagle is listening for the heartbeat. then bam. the eagle smashes ist beak into the fish’s heart. killing it. then the bird looks at the students. face bloody and dripping with the blood and guts of the dead fish. O.o cool killing story.


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