nice n’ easy – frank sinatra

  old type music.. i’d favor it over rock music any day. um i took a night-photography workshop. had some nice pics. i’ll load only two.


this one’s ‘candy canes’ i used no flash. and i wiggled the camera to achieve this painted light effect.



i dunno what to call this one. the sky isnt blue. but black sundown. theres still some light around so it only seems like a daytime sky. 

yesterday the power went out whilst my math12 review session. so they will have another part 2 session. i dont know when. ask later.  O.o i got another batch of pottery pieces. I have my first wrestling medals gold and silver.  Tomorrow. is swimming. so sa made me one lepoard print suit. i like it but i’d still like a pink blinding squares one.



One thought on “nice n’ easy – frank sinatra

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