undecided.- Natalie Cole

  it dosent make much sense.. i should make my mind up. and go to a conclusion of sorts.  thing is where?? O.o…  I suppose i dont know what i’m gonna do.. but its somewhere by a fireside.. burning.. the fallen angel chars in the smothering flames.. rant. and give some jargon. so horrid.. eek. theres a mouse skittering around the library. its grey with a white stripe down its back…

there it goes again.. uh oh into the computer lab.. it looks like it has already chewed some power cords.. noo. not mine. not my computer…. noo.

mature  haha.. nayyh… o.O so bored… lemmie. have some apples.. an apple is yummy and crunchy.. and healthy.. whoot…  jiber… no jibber. jabber. flop..


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