i just dont get it.  something’s explained to me and i cant figure it out. have the rubbered yellowed ducks gotten to head. dunno.




i feel bored. lets poke some fun at bush. to my best of visual knowlege i always find that he will resemble a monkey. blabberwise someplace which loves monkeys, had given a better reception to a bunch of monkeys than the vistit of bush. i wonder why thats just really amusing.

a duck. yes lets describe a duck. it can be round or skinny. plastic or feathered. lively or unanimated. a household object or free to the whipping air.  but better yet a duck can be my dinner. yes a what? My dinner. this duck must be marinated and cooked the chinese bbq style. then this duck is deliciously divine. and nought is left but the bones. because see its just too delectable to leave alone. but this roast duck is mine. so i’ll be nice today and let you have some. or a bit. hmm. just a bit. what kind of bit. i dunno.


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