half-dead. half-full of life.

    PoWeR’s out at home. went out at eight in the morning.  i’m free from the icebox room.

what is going to happen now?  i feel lazy since cadets was cancelled. pity shoveled some more snow.  locked up mom’s car and then went back to the house on my snow sled. the hill is really steep. strange then… where’s sunset strip? dunno. so i count down to las vegas. this x-mas i’m going there. in lieu of staying at home. 

 i need more freedom. because of the  stuffy place i call here. 

btw. there are some dorks. hankering nearby. trouncing around like elephants. or say the annoying suckers that take joy in messing around. how sad. i wanna kick them out. 

and i do hope that the ice cream dont melt while the power’s out.



One thought on “half-dead. half-full of life.

  1. oh no. is this a korean singer? singing in japanese? it sounds korean.. but when you listen to it carefully it’s heavy-korean-accented japanese lmao. by the way, is the background wallpaper original

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