cold fingers

    wah. the couche mal continues. saw something wierd. i suppose it would be a messed up day. thats all. and the snow turned to ice. oh joy. there’s many a happy person around. couldnt monday been a snow day. or cancel due to dangerous external conditions.. the thought train to-day is untranquil. so indifferent. i have the ipod too with me.

mobile-montreal calling. i want outta here. losing my head.

tell the frozen me to sit and defrost for a bit. once the brain has thawed then i’ll say ‘yo.’


dont get home until late evening. so return home around nine, straight to sleep. cant do much at home besides the cooking, cleaning, sewing….so later i take a pic of the toppelled trees at my house..

so bored. more wierd pics i’d suppose…

google the word sunka and sort through the pics..

two minutes left and counting till eleven.


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