frozen.. i’d like to defrost.

YNSH_03_111  simple i am lazy to-day. so the school should of canceled for today due to the dangerous conditions i live in. the car didnt even make it up the hill. so i was going to just stay at home for the day. but i got a ride from the neibours. so i’m good for now. just worry for going back home… just that. i cant get home by any other means but my own two little feet. yes i walk home in this crappy weather. this is how much i dislike snow.   dunt like… i growl and complain. big difference it will make. none whatsoever. the theroies of existentialism prove true. s**t happens.


pics! one on left is poop. other is sunkao -chan…. i changed my msn thingy to that…


so i was suposedly snowed in.  O.o like so angry. and i loose track of time… kay.


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