bubbles… have the most free sensation

 … musing about hopscotch. ..

I have chalk. so i drew bubbles. my bubbles meshed toughether like soap-suds before they popped. O.o they float. really they do. these bubbles posess the magical qualities of ducks.  once drawn it peels itself off the cold concrete and dance to your will so i played hopscotch. my childhood game. but i’m always will be and remain the pirate of the western pacific. now gone is the pirate and here stands the hopscotch bubble lady. i can make a bubble and save it. to save a bubble is almost impossible but i can do it. really. sometimes i’d use a bubble as a gift. and bubbles do always truly make one’s heart enlightened. so if you have a bubble give it to another. share the bubble with others. that bubble is precious. a bubble is for anyone. bubbles bring joy. so like some of the bubbles below share the bubble with the world.


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