the duck is gone.

blub… i dunno i had an apple before typing. sounds nice dosent it but if. if i had problems holding that apple down that would present a problem then.  say i reguratate the apple out. then would happen be a messy ordeal. in the end  it all fails. cannot be. tell the wing-less chicken to fly. and fly it will. it’ll run through to the ends of the earth. and once the chicken falls off the edge. we’ll find another. so comes the next one but its an ostrich. tell it to fly nothing happens. we run at it with a happy dagger in hand. the bird buries it’s poor head in the sand. now say you. whats become of the ostrich and the chicken. both were equally tasty on my dinner plate. or were they switched for another type of bird.  see how gullable people are. look out from my eyes. i never ate an ostrich before. and may intend to do so in the future. chicken. well chicken and i have met many times over for dinner and lunches. so its not quite the big of a deal.  pray tell be the bird of the future be unfeathered. or will the feather plucking still continure for centuries to follow. truly i havent the brightest clue waggling its plumes in my nose.  so to the least i must and will escape eastbound. b c is booring…


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