twenty hours of sleep and counting..

 lets explain the sunday-20hrs of sleep programme. midnight saturday. sleep. wake at sun. noon. eat brunch. and a cobs cinnamon roll. return to sleep at one. one thirty a phone call. sleep more. wake at eight in the afternoon.  eat a dinner. news. midnight back to sleep.  eh. whaa. thats seems to be a long jaunt of a nap.  …

roasted duck is good. the best is the chinese bbq stuff. one place to get some is at bbq master under the superstore in richmond.  long story made short. hopewell kitchen in coq. near my dentist. had an apprentice. mad wonderfully tasty roast duck. wanted to create their own venture. so struck off and got a store in richmond. named it new hopewell kitchen. old employer sued him.. settlement claims.. changed the name to bbq master.

why now.. do i blabber.. suppose so.

onthe friday morning the rain is coming down like diarreha.  saddened little students are enclosed in a classroom. with the old aincient tech-ed teacher who is subbing for the other.  .. and thunder struck the room started to rain not water but plastic rubber duckies. their reaction is quite simple duck and dive under a desk. squeek, squaak… resonarates through the place… now what will these unfourtunate people do?? stay tuned for a possible encore.


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