bluuub… ery fish

    i don’t like fishies.

so i eat chocolate. thats good isn’t it? behind this computer screen is a very old.. man who isn’t married and has a girlfriend and brags about it to his classes. he possesses the world’s lamest jokes. no doubt about it. the overly greyed hair sits on top of his wrinkled brow. glasses askew. horrid plaid flannel shirt. ears that world compare to a monkey’s. At times he’d wear a shirt that states that old guys rule. how sadly revolting.


things that i remember is in the norm the wacky and wierd.

i listen to french music. i protest that its the best. but recently i’ve taken an intrest in the Korean stuff.

i find that the two people garou and some british guy are kinda similar. the voices are somewhat the same…

to-day is annoying i dont want to physically write but type in lieu. kay… last tues. i slept 13hrs. whoop. thats a bonus to me. so  i didnt nod off during maths. now its eleven so i say. bye.


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