tho i sleep the 24 hour clock away i still do bite in my sleep.  catfishes do visit my relapses. in judgement and health i fry them gutted, breaded. then later fryed to my liking for a quick bite to eat.  i suppose i’ll have a bigger appetite today due to the fact that yesterday i had retired to sleep at the early hour of eight-o-clock.

paul is near and she believes that i had recently become a skinhead. totally untrue. the only thing i did outta norm was shove my unruly mass of what you’d call ‘hair’ into a green grass delivery boy’s cap. whudever… i ate an orange mandarin thingy. before typing. so it may explain some wierd stuff. lets do a charicter analysis.

name. paul

weight. 57Kg

appearance.. round faced bushy eyebrows untamable hair. black in color. hairstyle reaches her shoulders.  fair skinned. few to little traces of acne. has a double chin. tends to wear clothes a tad too small for her frame. not very tall five foot 2-3 inches.

traits. easy to anger, has a tendency to curse. rude to people who intimidate her. when frustrated she would grimace and insult the perpetrator… so  has a short temperament. has the normal ability to brfrend other men. so she is a tomboy. in reality she is very insecure of her feminine abilities so she tries to be more manish. the days or events that have an optional dress-up she will dress in the attire of an army-man. she fantasizes about being more ofa man. so she aspires to join the military. if she passes the minimal tests , maybe if she can study up the the standards before her. so at this time she is highly unsuitable for this profession. so in the near future i predict that she will marry someone affiliated with the military and be a housewife. soon paul will discover her more girlish sides. i hope or else she’ll be comdemned to a long painful live at the hands of a disciplining husband.


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