grumble..O.o i see fish

 so swimming ended. the practices really. but my season. nah. i still have the coming spring and a bit of summer.  like i mind. i still have the pile of work to do. even though i dont  have the pretensed thought to follow through with my actions. lets see now do i go the extra mileage. no or not. tis the same. but of what i ask to now its obliqueitory to me. some curious eyes poke over my shoulders to wonder whats this person up to??

so i say, je ne rien fare. or to english. i dont really care… some wierd class researching some boring topic that i’ve already done…. i did politics a wonderful $400 billion in the toilet for the war on Iraq with their highly unjust reasons by means of giving Iraq chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq conflict.  that was a good $5 billion. and the US gave Iraq chemical weapons and the KNOW- HOW to do all this. they had their fun with it like the kid with a new toy chemistry set. the gift giver later sees this as a bad thing and rips it away from the child. the kid is sad. it wants the toy back. so it tries to get it back via violence.  i suppose thats how i see the US- and Iraq..

bored had some pocky, pumpkin scones and savoury bread from a nice bakery called cobs on davie street.  i spent a good 2-3hours to go downtown to get some pocky and take a trip to cobs. the pizza thingy is good. had  a turkey dinner for lunch. 

mon. i was told i speak like my mother’s driving. .. wont expand on that but later.ppl..


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