so i’ll miss this coming thursday.nov 9…

boo i dont like missing school even if its just one relay. duh. i feel sick and tired. head feels empty. body acts like a robot. i do all thats required of me in the most perfunctionary way possible. i want to sleep more since i woke at six this morning. and coming thursday will rise at five. so happy hell. i will be a dead nervous wreak by the end of this week on top of all i’ll be dropping one club to accomadate some more sport practice.  i dont feel like working but i am right now and here. do tell me whats the point of all this? soon i guess i may take a leaf outta chayegoon’s book and make myself a dummy. for escape reasons. and sneak verily and sneakily away…….

more turkey dinner. i have two frozen turkeys half to a third of my own weight. and i bet they’ll make good sandwiches. grr the duck is truly an baka….

some dumb reason by some idiot pulled the alarm again. so i had a walk outside….


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