freedom in cupcakes

so yesterday i made cinamon-pumpkin cupcakes. yummy. brought 4 with me today.  slept in till 8:30am also.  eh .took the 9am bus to school… a nice brisk walk up from austin. the rain also pelted down like soured lemons.  woke sasa up at 7:45 i wondered why she didnt wake me for the bus pass .. so she zinged around the house to get out.. same with jojo.  then more sleep for me… lazyness. is funny dream.. so i was on a cruise ship. and there’s two sections, my home and the normal cruise ppl. and i found some sort of passageway from my home to the rest of the boat. then out poped some zombies… eeeww. killed them. continue allong.  found what i thought was a safe spot. them bam. some stupid vamp. wanting blood.. another pop sound. five other undead ppl. sitting on a couch . civilized and as such. they started to ask questions.. then i vanquished two of then by poking them. and supposedly purifying another dark looking girl who once i poked at bounded into the air and grew some wings and later found out that she was the vamp.’s mate…. i escape from that nutty room…. wake upp…..then want to sleep some more… why is school so early in the day. cant they be lenient and see that the majority of us are night owls … or an oseau de la nuit… spelling …is bad… sry. but later….


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