root canal? and candy from halloween


eww. i have a date with my dentist today. and i dont want any bad news… ie. root canal for doing too many halloween things… heh.

i am a dynamic person. i leap through walls and windows.  i have a habit of eating glossetess. living asleep is just my second nature. i send and recieve nightmares daily. i run a can kicking company. i am a ceo of an invisible company. my company sell a gazillion products a year . and make absolutly nothing for it.  i like to sit and think every so often so i can catch up on some sleep.  biking around stanley park is just a 7am saturday morn. habit. the scones i enjoy posess the hints of pumpkin, cinamon and sugar.  the occasional bubble tea is a blessing. often i poke fun at various topics and ideas. i’ve been the best customer for the centennial library for the past four years. and will cease at the end of this coming june. and so life goes on…


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