candy, so i do collect that at the ripe old age of17

naah. went treating with my sisters and other friends… i was a bouncing pumpkin. again, quite the norm. but it should be the last one now. since then i’ll have to wait for the next era… ie. use your own kids to collect for you. or donate the lump sum of it to the food bank. easy huh. never. will it. umm. five hours total of treating… bloody freezing out there. there’s a trend for the weather to be near freezing, frozen, or raining. thing is when i was with the group they were all about my height. the perks of being short do pay off. in ways. also i changed headgear twice. first a zebra hat and then a wizard’s cap. stupid nevertheless. dunno i’d like to sleep some more , the school’s a bit off cause normally they’d give the day after haloween off. so the sugar would run off. so there are ppl nursing sickness off. and others who have eaten mercury’s weight in candy. thus in turn are put off of the sugary little devils. i make faces at you all and bid you good night. even though its still morning.


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