what bouncing last weekend… i dunno

so i have recieved an extra hour. nice to sleep in another hour. without the rush, zing. thing of life. more procrastination time. thing is i dont appreciate extra time, for i havent really liked having people go out of  their way to give me an inch. so then i’ll take a mile. see what i’m getting to is “i dont like nicities.”

never did never will. still i have to do many things. lets list off:

-house color copy (third time, city hall has problems)

-taming of the shrew(havent got to that more voice acting)

-written type version for alternate end for paul’s case.(dont really like the timeline so i’ll do bit later)

-poetry stuff. (heck do i bite my ear off here or what?)

-hobo hut need to put up walls and whatnot  (still in progress)

-next art museum visit (say coming febuary i’ll go so i see the next exhibit, tis fun i really do enjoy those places)

-tomorrow’s costume? (need i say its still half-done and a half-baked idea. but i still will dress-up duh.)

… we’ll figure out some more things out at a later date. ta ta…


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