so a five-day sickness. the coughing, wheezing. hacking up random pieces of food… not in the least pretty.

then yesterday. woke at five am. to get to charles best for my ride to delta’s sungod pool. had a more succesful competition there. no googles flooding-up and falling off my face. n such. so need to get off the computer. printed an enlarged version for those snowprince lyrics.. well thats asked of me do i do. follow through. do tell this. i am a duck and will truly remain so. i will continue to gibber with incoherrence. and the occasional intelligable thought. hey what you think i do. really simple .live. breathe eat , sleep…


naruto is boring. the show is lousy. it lacks anything that would interest me. so ha .same with the dog boy program..,..XD hahha


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