so what are the desires of humans. so what of wealth, power, and the other perks that follow a high life. but whence the misery follow . debt, stress, … annoying to be here though. life is meaningless .so i’ll find myself some sort of purpose. also i still feel sick… horrible but what can i do. still here though. not much choice. there’s a morale rule for me .’ there’s no such thing as being sick’ so you work till you drop or die. why bother fighting it . what do you do if your hands and ankles are bound to an anchor? sink down to davy jone”s locker? no struggle till the last breath leaves you . isnt that just human panic mode. suppose so. then some are very delusional, or idiotic. one has lame jokes. so i dont laugh at them, just because i’m ordered to. i laugh when i feel that its neccesary to. if i dont undersand it or i think its lame  then you have silence or my nice complaint of a crapply lame-o joke.. commnent.. my humor is much diffrent than yours. so deal with it. you cant do a thing about it. leave or adapt.

i would appreaciate some suggestions on how i can rid of fat squirrels. what sort of weapons… methods. killing them isnt my style, i prefer to knock unconscious. …well do tell.



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