i feel sick

 not in best health yet ….. stupid barcodes poping up every odd day. anooying to no end. thing is not that happy .  i want some time to myself… so i can finish my zero yen house… cant be too lazy, made a choco cake yesterday… dunno. what next .. i wont explain my background too much. or my problems …. dunt wanna. those are mine and mine alone.

one stupid event. mashi. he was being bullied by these two big fatty squirrels. and full up with stupidity. so i try to help mashi by chasing them away to the trees  but they always seem to come back. which makes me angry. another time there was this fat squirrel in the shed . i used a shovel and wacked him on the head. it fell to the ground. scuttering off shortly after. hey i dont care what happens to that damm thing, i just want it dead. once dead, i’m happy. less problems to deal with. i believe thats how fat they are in my backyard. also i have this gigantic hazelnut tree there maybe thats the reason of the squirrel infestation. like i care about these rodents i want them out…. if someone wants to give me a small weapon to kill them. that be appreaciated. 


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