oh happy h*ll



what the hell is this first the screen’s blurry and now the thing types in barcode. wft wrong with today. yes i did sleep in but i left early for my bus.  whats with that then oh yea there’s a senile sub today. teaches auto stuff. grr. had some bread for breakfast too. still tasty. the internet connection is slow too .. grr. i want faster internet. kick outa here anyone who s using msn junk. yea i do complain … rah rah …can i go home now. i would really apprecaite some sleep. yes i escaped .whoo. i like to hole up in the library. noobody . would dare bug me then ,…some exceptions. paul is funny … paul’s a stuffed toy of mine i poke it and it jiggles. and falls over . gibber, jabber. flop method. 1 jibber- the think process of a violent action, jabber- the carrying out of a violent action. flop- mission complete. victim dies hypothetically. bingo. you win. another fat stuffed paul toy.. there should be enough to go around. just ask… i’m surrounded by poultry. and a bunch of rice cookers. i already finished the k-drama “full house.” good stuff. on you tube. but i’m still forgetfull. of many things .dont like using my planner if necessary.  hahaha evilness of the bunny it still isnt civil. stick your hand into his cage  and he’ll bite it. so wanna be rabbit food . be my guest. XP…


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