gibber and what’s confusing

got back my crossgrade today. + big bonus. critiques = a few comments on being confusing. big whoop.

had a classmate read it. she wasn’t confused. so whats the big dif. problem..

i’ll use the vampire revenge method: grow a pair of fangs then bite to bits the perpetrators .. they will feel my seething wrath. to be the 2nd hell that breaks loose. once dead comes the manical laughing …. hmm. lost now

hahaha. O.o some free money seminar @ riverside today. i’ll go with my mum. also i’ll be making another batch of lasagna.  yum yum. but i do dread the upcoming report card thingy. like i’d want to get one of those envelopes of joy and preluding pain and suffering.

oh the misfortune of today’s woes. i stomp on all your toes. till the scream comes. thing is

I think therefore I exist. from some mouthy author on existentialism.

isnt that common sense. …


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